When it comes to summer dining, there's nothing quite like enjoying a meal outdoors in the warm sunshine. To make your al-fresco lunches and breakfasts truly memorable, why not create a table setting that embodies the essence of summer? In this blog post, we'll guide you through a simple yet sophisticated plan to transform your table into a summery oasis using white tableware, a blue tablecloth, light rattan accents, elegant linen napkins, clear or blue glassware, and a touch of floral beauty.

1. Use white tableware

Start by embracing the timeless elegance of white tableware. White dishes and serving pieces provide a clean and fresh canvas for your summer meals. The simplicity of white allows the vibrant colours of your food to take centre stage, creating a visually appealing and appetising display.

2. Pair it with a blue tablecloth

To infuse your table setting with a touch of summer charm, opt for a blue tablecloth. Blues are reminiscent of the clear skies of the season. Choose a shade that complements your white tableware and that brings a refreshing pop of colour to your outdoor dining experience. Whether it's a soft pastel blue or a vibrant azure, the choice is yours. Here, we used a unique block-printed table linen. Visit our stores to discover our wide selection!

3. Use light rattan accents

To add a natural and rustic element to your table, incorporate light rattan accents. Rattan placemats bring texture and warmth to the setting. The earthy tones of rattan harmonise beautifully with the white and blue colour scheme, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

4. Simple and elegant linen napkins

Linen napkins exude an air of sophistication while maintaining a relaxed and casual vibe. Opt for high-quality natural linen napkins that are soft to the touch. Their natural texture will effortlessly elevate your table setting. 

5. Add clear or blue glassware

When it comes to glassware, choose either clear or blue options to complement your table setting. Whether you're serving refreshing lemonades or sparkling wines, the glassware will complete the overall aesthetic.

6. Flowers!

To truly embrace the beauty of summer, don't forget to incorporate your favourite floral arrangements. Choose blossoms that match the colour palette of your table setting, such as white lilies, delicate daisies, or dahlia flowers as seen on the image. Arrange them in vases like our gorgeous and eye-catching Sthal vase.

By following these tips, you can easily create a table setting that exudes elegance, simplicity, and the spirit of summer. Whether you're hosting a casual brunch or an intimate dinner, the combination of white tableware, a blue tablecloth, light rattan, linen napkins, glassware, and floral accents will transport you and your guests to a summer paradise. So, gather your loved ones, savour delicious meals, and make lasting memories around a table that captures the essence of the season. Happy summer dining!

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July 11, 2023 — Olivia Maitre