According to room colour psychology, the colours in your home have a huge impact on your daily feelings and emotions. This Spring, if you're looking to brighten up your home and your mood with more energised colours, these are the trendiest colours to opt for. 

1. Earth tones

Home decor in 2023 is all about warm earthy tones, such as yellow and green accents (see first image below*). They bring warmth and personality while adding a natural-looking touch. By using different fabrics like velvet and linen, you can easily create a stylish and inspiring look that captures the spirit of spring. These colours also work well in table settings (see second image below).

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2. Bold tones

Bold tones such as bold blue and reds instantly bring a unique depth and vibrancy to a space. They draw the eye and make a statement. They can help create a focal point in a room and add a visual interest. A treat for the eyes! Take our gorgeous hand-embroidered cushion with our velvet bold blue cushion as inspiration: 

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3. Soft lavender, pink and rose tones

When pink is incorporated in a 'tonal scheme', it reiterates a serene, calming feeling. It's a good colour to choose if you want to update your space's neutral tones. The general rule of thumb is to combine neutrals with coloured tones, as it creates more character and depth. Lavender also adds a calming, luxurious look. This also applies to tableware (see below). 


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4. Terracotta tones 

Another warm, earthy tone is terracotta. Inspired by the natural colour of wood and terracotta pots, it conveys a sense of comfort and relaxation. Terracotta tones also go well with darker and more intense shades, as seen on the image below;  where we combined our handwoven silk & linen desert cushion with our puffin charcoal cushionIt is perfect for every room in the home, but particularly well suited for rooms dedicated to conviviality and well-being!

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In conclusion, warm earthy tones bring warmth and a natural touch, while bold tones add a unique depth and instantly make a statement. Soft pink and lavender tones are best used as neutrals, as they are more delicate and effortlessly bring serenity. Whether you're focusing on re-decorating a room or your entire space, these are the colours that we recommend you should incorporate for a fresh, modern look!